Education and its support for nurse's interventions in smoking


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Her interacting systems theory of nursing and her theory of goal attainment have been included in every major nursing theory text. 1997-10-01 · King's conceptual system provides a comprehensive view of three dynamic interacting systems-personal, interpersonal, and social. Her theory of goal attainment has been used as the basis for practic 1992-01-01 · It gives a detailed description of King's conceptual system including personal systems, interpersonal systems, and social systems, and a description of the theory of goal attainment. A discussion of the philosophical assumptions underpinning King's theory as well as the concepts of the theory are also included.

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Köp begagnad Nursing Theories: A Framework for Professional Practice av Kathleen Masters hos Studentapan snabbt, tryggt och enkelt – Sveriges största  220 14 Dorothea E. Orem: Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing, 240 15 Imogene M. King: Conceptual System and Middle-Range Theory of Goal Attainment,  Imogene King: A Conceptual Framework for Nursing. Book. Jan 1991. Christina Sieloff · View · Discharge Education Improves Clinical Outcomes in Patients With  Materialet analyserades och tolkades med Imogene Kings omvå of nursing theory showed significance to all three levels described by King (personal-,  Teori Fokus •Imogene King's Theory of Goal attainment Janice Morse's and Katharina Kolcaba's Theory of comfort (Lidande/course of suffering)  av M Jonsson · 1984 — I tilgift til Myra Levine, Imogene. King, Sr. Callista Roy, Health: A Theory of Nursing, og. Janet L. Storch, RN, Imogene King. Imogene King gay indledningsvis.

It describes a dynamic, interpersonal relationship in which a patient grows and develops to attain certain life goals. The theory explains that factors which can affect the attainment of goals are roles, stress, space, and time.


king article directory 30th september 2011, 02:23 In theory I'd prefer to write like this also – taking time and genuine work to generate a fantastic write-up… but what can I say… Imogene Kabba 8th oktober 2011, 10:31. Arbetet stöds av Imogene Kings vårdteori från 1981 om interpersonella system. user interface design by applying theories of aesthetics - Theseus.

Nursing Theories: A Framework for Professional Practice

Imogene king theory

However, the lack of a uniform definition for functional status has hindered development of a Imogene Kings (1981) theory of Goal Attainment concentrates on how goals of the client are attained through the nurse-client transactions.

It views this interaction as an open system which is in constant interaction with a variety of environmental factors. 3 Systems: Personal, Interpersonal and Social Systems 5.
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21.00 The Big bang theory Amerikansk komediserie från 2012.

In M. R. Alligood & A. Marriner-Tomey (Eds.), Nursing theorists: And their  Omvårdnadsmodellerna var ett förstadium till omvårdnadsteorierna sk. ”grand theories”.
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år 2006. Materialet analyserades och tolkades med Imogene Kings Data was analysed and theoretically interpreted using Imogene King´s nursing theory. King's conceptual system, theory of goal attainment, and transaction process in the 21st century. Imogene M King Nursing science quarterly.2007, Vol. 20(2), p.

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However, it is unknown why this theory is not used in everyday nursing practice.